Baghdad Police Station, near Green Zone (and Airport?)
and Kaloogian's photo

Update at DKos March 31, 2006
and excerpts from Kaloogian's site
April 10 version (Iraq pictures)
2 new pictures
Police station(s) news photos Dec. 4, 2004

CBS News 12/04/04
Near airport? 12/04/04
Near airport?

12/04/04 Reuters/Akram Saleh
Near Green Zone

12/04/04 (Xinhua/AFP)
Near Green Zone?

July 2005 - Kaloogian

For the story behind Kaloogian's original fake picture of Baghdad (namely, Istanbul), see this diary (npbeachfun). [Source AnthonyLA and Kos, apparently.]

Meanwhile the new picture is shown above with some shots that may be in the same location. See the link (or later diaries) for whatever is known about that. They seem to have established that the picture was taken from the balcony of the Rashid hotel inside the Green Zone. If the building shown there was the bombed police station it would be ironic.

News report; see also this Gallery.

"A U.S. Army Bradley vehicle blocks the way into the capitalís Green Zone, filled with smoke after Saturdayís explosions. The car bombs went off near a police station and the entrance frequently used by Westerners and reporters."

I don't have any special information, and just put these pictures up for the convenience of others. They have attracted a good deal more attention than I expected.

O.k., I now think the top two are near the airport and the bottom one on the left is near the Green Zone. See this news report, and a comment by HeyThereItsEric. And londonbear's work. And more ... just follow the links.